We encourage individuals in their personal growth and empower them to create purpose-driven lives (ánd careers) which are in line with who they truly are. Simply put: It is our mission to help you do more of what you love and be more of who you truly are. Unapologetically you!
We do this through transformative experiences such as expeditions, events & community building.

During our expeditions, we take on a social project, in which participants put innovation methods (design thinking with an imagineering perspective) into practice and make a direct impact within local communities. We do this because we believe when people truly see what the impact is of such methods, it can create a mind-shift and result in a transformation in the way they think and work and eventually shape their lives. And how amazing that we contribute to a better world all at once? We strive for double impact!
Want to contribute to our mission? Please feel free to contact us at carlijn@theimpactexpedition.com

A successful life. What does that mean?

I used to think it’s about finding a respectable job. Building, a career, starting your own business. Travel the world. Drive a nice car. Buy a nice house and start a family. And maybe this is what a “successful life”. And don’t get me wrong, I still want those things - but is this also a meaningful life?

Isn’t that what life is about? Finding meaning in what we do and why we are here. More importantly, being able to enjoy the present moment, the now. I want to share my journey towards a meaningful life with you. And invite you on an adventure towards yours. 


A while ago, I noticed I was living a life guided by fear.  Fear of not being able to create that successful life fast enough.  Fear of not living ‘the perfect picture’.  Fear of letting others down. 


And an even greater fear of letting myself down. I, therefore, started looking for answers outside myself. What is the smartest career move? What and who makes me happy? This made me forget to listen to my own feelings. I did not realise that I had to learn how to stand still. To be present and to listen to my own intuition. 


I now live a life based on faith and purpose. Trusting that on what I choose to focus on will grow, trust in my own intuition and the power of the present moment. The shift from fear to faith allows me to see opportunities.  Opportunities that align with who I am and what I want to contribute to this world. This trust and awareness are what has led me to discover my own purpose in life. 


How did I do this? By falling flat on my face a few times.  By putting my happiness in other people’s hands, only to realise that there is only one person who can complete me and make me happy.. Me.  

By doing what others thought was right for me, only to realise that there is only one person who knows this.. Me. 


But also by learning to listen to my own intuition. To travel solo and seek adventures. By following a masters in social innovation. By learning and experiencing how to make a social impact. By diving into books on personal growth, spirituality, and science. By meditation and sports. By realising how important the present moment is. 


All of these roads have led me to my purpose. Finding your purpose is not a mathematical equation you can solve. It is not something you find by listening to your thoughts, nor, can you think it into existence. It doesn’t come through (or from) your brain. It comes through your heart. 

It comes when you listen to your intuition. For that to happen you need to be present. By giving your full attention to every moment is what will lead to growth and development in the direction of your purpose. For me, a meaningful life is a purpose-driven one. And meaning is being able to give back. To help others. 

The beauty of being aligned with your purpose is that you will start attracting people and opportunities that fit into this. I am so grateful to have experienced this myself, because during my journey towards my purpose, ‘The Impact Expedition’ was born. My own company, a movement, I am currently creating with several inspiring partners. 


We want to help people see and feel the transformations that can happen when we are in alignment with our values, talents, and purpose. Together explore what steps to take in order to challenge the status quo and make a sustainable impact in our lives and the lives of the people around us. With 'The Impact Expedition' we will inspire you and take you on an adventure. 


Carlijn Geluk


Carlijn is a social / business innovation expert, crazy about Imagineering, Design Thinking & personal growth. She has lived in 5 different countries and traveled to many more, Carlijn is an adventurer at heart. Throughout the years, she has learned a lot from different cultures, studies, customs, philosophies and spiritual lessons. This allowed her to break through some major mental models. Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones, living a life from within and experiencing social impact has transformed her life. She has now made it her personal purpose to pass this on to as many people as possible. 

Michelle Vranken

Business Support

Michelle recently joined us to support our business activities. She is helping us getting The Impact Expedition to the next level, ranging from our marketing to setting up our merchandise. On top of that, she is a spiritual warrior, with an interrest in Chakra's, inner-child healing, restorative yoga and Ayurveda - so expect some extra Michelle magic during our future expeditions and events. Fun fact, Michelle has lived in many different places, she is originally from Belgium, party grew up in Spain, and now lives in The Netherlands! 

Lieke van Boxtel


Lieke has been with us since the beginning! She is an entrepreneur and social innovator with a background in the Leisure industry. She has a natural talent for designing creative experiences that create mind-shifts. She loves to be in front of groups and facilitate creative processes. She has a contagious smile and energy, making you want to stay close to her. Having her on board for our expeditions is of immense added value, she naturally feels the dynamics of a group and knows how to adjust to the needs of our people.

Dirk-Jan Kloet

Partner Nepal 

Dirk-Jan the owner of Ag-ventures and our main partner for the Nepal Expedition. He has a background in agriculture and has embarked on a mission to create more awareness and helps organisations and people live their fullest potential. During a period of at least two years, he will lay the foundation for the Nepal Initiative.  Dirk-Jan has the ability to connect with people and bring out the best in them. We are glad having him on board! 

Milou Rooijakkers

Researcher, Buas collab

Milou is a Bachelor student at Breda University. She is currently doing a research year and is looking into ''anticipatory nostalgia'', which means, missing the present moment before it is even gone, interesting right? She will start her case with us in February 2020, exploring in what ways our expeditions have lasting impact on our participants. She will try to track the progress and explore with us how we can support our participants beyond the expeditions too.

Annika Tielmann

Researcher, Buas collab

Annika is an Imagineering student who is researching how we can best shape our community. Annika is a courageous lady with a fascinating skillset and ability to live an intuition based life. She has a background in science and is now following a master in social innovation. She has a natural talent for asking critical, yet appreciative questions and finding ways to connect the dots and this way reach new and deeper levels! 

Kalim Rossel

Process Designer, Buas collab

Kalim is an entrepreneur and social innovation management student. He is truly what you would call a creative spirit, with a lot of know-how and a hands-on mentality! Kalim helps us design our internal processes. He has a backpack full of creative tools ánd jokes! Fun guaranteed whenever Kalim is around! 

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