During our expedition to Nepal, you will not only create the space for personal reflection and growth, but you will also immerse yourself in a new innovation methodology through a real-life impact project. In short, this will be a transformative experience: You will deeply reflect on yourself and your purpose, you will obtain the skillset of a change-maker and learn about the underlying principles, which will forever transform the way you perceive the world. And the best part? You will do this together with a group of inspiring individuals and get access to a growing community of impact-makers! UPCOMING EXPEDITIONS DEPEND ON THE COVID-19 SITUATION, BUT MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAITING-LIST IF YOU WANT TO JOIN OUR NEW TRIBES: 


"If you are brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting (ranging from your house to your bitter old resentments) and set out on a truth-seeking journey, and you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue, and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher, and if you are prepared - most of all - to face & forgive some very difficult realities about yourself. then truth will not be withheld from you" -Liz Gilbert




Learning through doing, that is what we believe in. Certified innovation facilitators will guide you through our social innovation process and help you make a true local impact. Joining this expedition will shift your way of thinking and working and increase your career potential. Read more about our method here. 



This expedition goes beyond skillset career potential.It is about transformation and transformation is an inside-job. That is why our expeditions are designed for deep personal reflection. We carefully choose what activities add to our personal & spiritual growth, such as yoga retreat, meditation rituals, and a Himalayan trekking.  






The activities are planned in correlation to the phases of our social innovation process: Discover, Define, Dream, Determine, Design & Develop . During the discover & define phase, you will interact with the local communities and organisations. Our methods set the stage for meaningful dialogue. Besides that you will indulge in cultural activities, such as visiting Boudhannath Stupa, joining a Sherpa Dance Night and staying at local teahouses. This phase will expand your understanding of their culture, their strengths, pain points and more importantly,  the opportunities on which we will act later on. During the dream phase, we will bring together different stakeholders to dream of 'what could be'. In this phase we will set the stage for imagination and envisioning a preferred future. We will build on existing values and determine a vision/high concept that will serve as an umbrella for the experiences and concepts that we will design in the following phases. This is the beginning of empowerment and seeing the impact of bringing the right stakeholders together. Work-teams will then determine the challenge(s) for the next phases within the area of impact and dreams of the stakeholders. Time for some ideating: designing and developing circulair concepts that aim to empower! These days are for creative brainstorming and testing ideas with the stakeholders! And what better way to do so while on a yoga retreat? We will get your creative juices flowing and take care of you! During the final session, we will see how we can implement new ideas during the upcoming two years! 


Our trekking will take you to areas which are hardly visited by tourists, allowing you to discover authentic Nepal and have plenty of opportunity to meet friendly locals. The Buddhist culture lives within the landscape and is found in the many monasteries, some of which are of ancient origin. We will spend our nights at local teahouses, discovering lovely foods and people. This trekking also allows for deep personal reflection during  a silent trekking day, meditations and personal growth workshops outlooking the Himalayan mountains! 
We are lucky to have our own yoga-teacher along with us during the expedition! We believe that everyone has something valuable to bring, lucky for all of us, one of the participants is a yoga-teacher! So besides a two day yoga retreat, we can also implement yoga in our every day morning routine.
We have the unique opportunity to visit several ancient monasteries and join monks during their ritual. You are also free to join the morning and evening meditations everyday. Meditation will help you clear your mind and open your heart to new beginnings. It will hopefully inspire you to continue these practices after the expedition too. 
We will end our adventure in Sarangkot, where we will embark on a sunrise trekking. Here, we will look back on all that we have learned, what inspired us, and how we are going implement these new learnings into our daily-lives. Let's make sure we keep that snowball effect of positive change rolling! 
During the expedition (February 2020 edition), two of the biggest spiritual festivals will take place in Nepal. Holi, which celebrates the victory from good over evil and the coming of spring. And Maha Shivaratri, which marks remembrance of overcoming darkness and ignorance in the world. During this day, the culture observes the day by remembering Shiva and changing prayers, fasting, doing yoga, and meditating



  • This Expedition is for people who are willing to do the following: 1) Learn how to make an impact on the world through social innovation 2) Reflect on themselves and realise personal growth 3) Learn from others 4) Embark on a crazy adventure! 

  • This Expedition is for those who are brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting (ranging from your house to limiting beliefs), ready to set out on a truth-seeking journey.

  • This Expedition is for those who want to be part of an impact initiative and for those who are ready to be pulled forward by a clear purpose, ready to impact this world beyond the expedition.

  • This isn’t for people who are not willing to elevate their inner game, our who aren't open for new perspectives. Creating the next level of results requires the next level of thinking! 

Exact dates & prices will follow
  • 21 days all-in (domestic transportation, accommodation, food & beverages)
  • Explore Kathmandu, Bandipur, Pokhara and the Himalayas
  • Experiential learning experience in Nepal and the chance to make a real local impact (Design Thinking & Imagineering process)
  • A new skill and mindset of a change-maker 
  • Personal growth workshops (clarity on your values & purpose)  
  • 6-day trekking 
  • 2 day yoga retreat
  • Spiritual festivals
  • Temple visits (ánd joining in on the rituals of the monks)
  • Basic language course
  • Life-long access to our community of change-makers

    In a nutshell: a transformative experience, and a group of like-minded people to experience it with, friendships for life and transformations way beyond the expedition🧡 




Dirk-Jan is the initiator of the project in Nepal, which will take at least two years to establish. He will guide us through the expedition and make sure the authentic places we will visit add to both the social innovation process as well as our personal growth process. He also is the best storyteller you have ever met, inspiration guaranteed! 


Lieke is one of our partners and a true social innovator at heart. She will guide you through the process and help you see new perspectives. She is the best at designing creative and mind-shifting workshops. She also brings in a lot of bubbly and fun energy! 


Carlijn is the founder of TIE and will  guide you through the innovation process during the Expedition. On top of that, she will share her personal growth lessons with you during several workshops and will really challenge you to dig deeper and elevate your inner game, empowering you is her main priority, way beyond the expedition! 


Iris de Jong,


They showed the participants that another way of thinking provides a lot of clarity and new ideas. Besides, their focus on sharing ideas with other participants shows that every issue can be tackled!

Going on an expedition with Carlijn will without a doubt be an inspirational adventure. I have worked with her in The Netherlands and in Finland and it has always been exciting, challenging, innovative and reflective. I am convinced that the Expedition she is building at the moment will be an unforgettable experience for you too.

Geoff Maree,

Professor in Innovation at Breda University 

Julia Latto,

Project Manager

DJ's enthusiasm, his energy and the way that he is able to connect with every body in the group, everybody, naturally, has been outstanding

Christine de Geus,


The first Impact Expedition session was very great and insightful. It came up just at a moment when I was feeling a bit off track. Joining this session reminded me of what I want, what is important to me and helped me get clarity on things (habits, offers, attention) I need to get rid of, replace, ignore or get focused on so I can be aligned with my purpose.

 I AM IN! 
Final dates and prices for 2020/2021 will be released as soon as we know more how the COVID-19 situation is developing. Make sure to put your name on the list though. BE PART OF THE CHANGE, BE PART OF A TRIBE! 

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