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C4C is powered by the change-makers of The Impact Expedition. We form masterminds where we bring in our own expertise, perspective, and soul’s mission to fuel several impact projects. We co-create with tribe members and our international partners to make 'impact beyond borders' and beyond expeditions happen! 

We are committed to encouraging each other to be the best person you know you can be, 'to do the right thing', to serve in a way that aligns with your own soul. We aim to raise awareness, tales of impact, resources, and above all, spread Never Ending Peace And Love. 

Let us remember that we are not separate from nature, we are nature. We are not separate from each other, we are all one, so let us connect. Connect & impact beyond religion, beyond culture and, beyond borders.

We are excited and humbled to start sharing our stories. This black/white logo serves as a symbol for the start of our story. Along the way, as we evolve, connect, and shape our story, we will continue to add more color and life... Because it’s in the connections with others that stories truly come to life...

"He who experiences the Unity of life sees one Self in all beings, and all beings in one Self"

- Gautama Buddha


Help yourself, by helping Nepal!

Where? @call4connection instagram

When?  18th & 25th of September 2nd & 9th of October  


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Watch our story come to life:

Tales of Impact, The Documentary.

Once upon a time, 11 individuals from all over the world came together and met for the first time in Nepal. They initially gathered in order to dive deeper into themselves, to explore the meaning of life, and give their time in service to local communities. 


Our social impact mission was not straight-forward, it wouldn’t fall into the category volunteering or just providing resources. 


We weren’t looking to fix what was broken, we also didn’t want to preach, or think we knew better. Instead, we wanted to open our hearts, ears, and minds, in order to truly connect, understand, and learn from each other. To see where the impact could lie. 

We found out that we didn’t need to start a new initiative striving for one goal in particular. There are already so many beautiful local initiatives, so much wisdom, so much talent. All these initiatives impact their communities in their own beautiful way, through agriculture, female empowerment, equality, education. 


What we did see, however, was that all these heartwarming initiatives were stand-alone initiatives. We couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if we were able to connect them with each other…. To form a bridge between these organizations and communities. This is how #call4connection was born. 


And now, we can’t help but wonder, what would happen if we continue to connect our tribe members with each other...What would happen if we would continue to support each other and unite to share Never Ending Peace And Love, in service of the above. How beautiful the world would be when we would all dare to share our gift with the world. That’s what C4C aims to do, during, and beyond our expeditions. Be part of the story, join our tribe, share your gifts.