On a quest to transform the world

That is quite a statement we are making here. But we believe in the ripple effect. Small changes, leading up to big transformations. 

We believe that the best thing you can do for the world and yourself is to reconnect to your innate power and true self. This truest place of ourselves is inherently creative, resourceful, and whole. We have invented a word for it. Manawaka. It means, to stand in the power of our heart's wisdom, to bring into expression what lies within us. 

It is our quest to reconnect as many people to their Manawaka. The Impact Expedition does this by facilitating full-circle imemrsions around the globe. During this immersion, you will be welcomed into a tribe of like-minded people, always supporting and challenging you to embrace the Manawaka within you, build connections and create impact from here. 

Imagine a place where all people live from their Manawaka? Wouldn't that be paradise? Let's start, one by one. This is our quest. 

The Impact Expedition was founded by Carlijn Geluk in 2019. Her background is in Imagineering (a transformation methodology for social innovation), coaching and yoga. Combining these disciplines has resulted in a unique approach, aiming to bring out your truest self, unique traits and this way create a ripple effect of positive change in the world. 

Luckily, she has not done this all by herself, over the years, she has formed a strong team around her of inspiring entrepreneurs with whom she enjoys collaborating and creating unique experiences with. Each immersion is unique in its own way, this offers the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of people, all bringing in something refreshing.