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What We Offer

The Impact Expedition offers transformative (travel) immersions, such as expeditions and retreats and we establish collaborations for impact projects beyond borders.

Connection and impact are at the heart of our existence as an organization. Ranging from connection to self, to others, to nature, to purpose. See it as a sacred journey of self-discovery and impact, where we'll dive into emotional resilience, self-awareness and altruism. The element of 'tribeship' is what adds true magic to our immersions. Tribeship is accepting others, to hold space and to see and be seen. It is safety. This taps into our deepest longing: a sense of belonging, coming home to self through true connection. 
This requires a level of respect and openness for each other, an important element to be aware of if you consider to attend one of our immersions. 

T.I.E has been founded by Carlijn Geluk, teacher at Breda University of Applied Sciences & facilitator in yoga and emotional resilience. Both disciplines can fully merge and flourish as ''The Impact Expedition" - offered both to individuals, as well as students. Through academic research, our expeditions have proven to enhance 21st century skills. (Want to read the full research? Please email us)

This is a call4connection, do you dare to see (y)our world through different eyes? 

New immersions launching soon. 



"Everyone came out changed, if there is one way to change eleven people in three weeks, in my preliminary perspective, it has to be in Nepal, it has to be in three weeks, and it has to be led by The Impact Expedition”

Casey Timmins, tribe member 2020
"This is a quest to embrace and surrender to our authentic selves.
This is not a search, this is not somebody you find,
this is about embracing all the parts of you, you used to deny.
This is about surrendering to who you were all along.
This is not about leaving, this is about coming home.
Home into your own body, home into your own soul.
''To become familiar with", it is about knowing intuitively what roads to follow, which people to welcome on your quest to your authentic and highest self. And oh, what a familiar feeling it is, to come home to yourself,
in the presence of your tribe. "
T.I.E, 2020.