Our vision is to create a sense of belonging by uniting the people who dare to see the world with different eyes. We encourage and support each other in embracing our authentic selves and contributing our unique traits to the world. 
There has never been a better time: be part of the shift, be part of the tribe. 
Liberation, Alignment & Purpose  
This is a quest to embrace and surrender to our authentic-selves. This is not a search, this is not somebody you find, this is about embracing all the parts of you, you used to deny. This is about surrendering to who you were all along. This is not about leaving, this is about coming home. Home into your own body, home into your own soul. ''To become familiar with", it is about knowing intuitively what roads to follow, which people to welcome on your quest to your authentic and highest self. And oh, what a familiar feeling it is, to come home to yourself, in the presence of your tribe. 

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The sacred Himalayas, the high energy charge, the heartwarming Nepali, and the like-minded individuals of your tribe will encourage you to no longer deny who you truly are. Dare to embrace your authentic-self, dare to see the world with different eyes. Help yourself, by helping others. Our expeditions have proven to impact tribe members on both a personal as well as on a professional level! 
October 2021
“Everyone came out changed, if there is one way to change eleven people in three weeks, in my preliminary perspective, it has to be in Nepal, it has to be in three weeks, and it has to be led by Carlijn and Lieke and The Impact Expedition”
Casey Timmins, Tribe member 2020 


We travel not for just the pleasure of it, we travel to make an impact. We are not demonizing travel, but we are promoting impact travel. Let's transform the way we travel. Let's not go somewhere to just take resources and leave a footprint. Let's travel to learn, to impact, and to leave behind our positive energy. We do this by embodying Imagineering, which means we are humble, seek meaningful connections and interactions, do not preach, but learn and co-create together with local communities. Which enriches the lives of everyone involved. 


We have an inclusive and holistic perspective on communities and social impact, which means that we are tapping into several sustainable development goals with our projects. However, we  do resonate a lot with Equality for all, Female empowerment and striving for Sustainable agriculture worldwide. SDG’s are deeply interconnected and by applying Imagineering, we can make sure we holistically realise a sustainable impact. 

Our impact mission


We strongly believe in the ripple effect, a snowball effect of positive change. Both locally as well as the changes that emerge within our tribe members of expeditions and events. We believe that the best you can do for the world, is do what you love, and be authentically yourself. "Heal yourself, and you'll heal the world"! We continue to support each other beyond our expeditions, encouraging our spiritual and personal growth and this way we'll slowly raise the collective vibration and move towards a beautiful future, for the good of all.